Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas time is near!!

Today is the first annual Spring Hill parade, and the girls' girl scout troop is in it! We have borrowed Dad's truck and are decorating it for the girls to ride in. Last year we were in the big Franklin parade, and being 8 months pregnant and walking what seemed like forever, we opted to do the smaller parade that is close by this year!
We are slowly getting the house decorated, and are going to get a tree sometime this weekend. It's a family tradition to cut a tree, but the girls are wanting to buy one somewhere else this year. It has been SO cold here, we are considering it, but I hate to do that because with every child we have videos of the first time cutting one, and well, Britton would be left out! ha ha....Traditions, traditions!
Speaking of Britton, he had some "firsts" this week! He held his sippy cup by himself, and is waving bye bye now! It is so hard to believe he's nearing 1 ! The 4th goes by in a blink, and that makes me SO sad because he's my last one! Last night at my work Christmas party, there was a newborn there, and he was SO tiny, it made me sad that I won't have any more tiny ones again! Ahh....different times, and I'd have had several more kiddos! ;-)
Gonna run and get this parade thing going. Gotta get the girls to put several layers on, it's only 34 degrees and it's already noon.....we are going to FREEZE!!! Last night was in the low 20s!!! I just have no use for weather this cold if it's not going to snow!! LET IT SNOW!!

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