Sunday, November 16, 2008

Learning New Things....

The past few days have been some fun ones with Britton. He is learning all those cute things that you forget about. He learned to throw a ball, and thinks it's especially funny that the girls will bring it back to him to do it again! He has started to pull up and cruise around the furniture and when you hold his hands, he's off!! You can just tell he's raring to go, and when those feet catch up to his coordination, he's gonna be running!

I decided to introduce some sign language to him as that has become a new big thing with babies now. They say you can communicate with your baby long before they begin to speak by teaching some sign language. SO....I tried, and it's so cute! The only one I've been working on a lot is "all done", when he's eating and ready to be done. Now when I think he's ready, I'll ask him, "all done?" and he smiles and kicks, and as I am picking him up, he's using his hands to do the all done sign! Amazing what little sponges they are!

Bedtime has become a special time as well, more so in the past 2 weeks because.....drum roll.....I FINALLY WEANED HIM!!!! Hear the "hallelujahs" as you are reading this? Yes, my son was by far the most stubborn when it came to giving it up! I just didn't have problems with the girls taking a bottle, but not him. After the first few nights of not letting him nurse were through, which he was down to that one feeding a day anyway, we are past it now! SO, it it's place has become the bedtime story. He's become attatched to the same book the girls did, and wants me to read it over and over and over. I think last night was at least 20 times! If I put the book down before he's ready, I sure hear it!

10 months old today, and I just can't believe it. I found out just how fast time goes after I had children, but I must say, the 4th goes by in a blink!!

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