Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well, it was a very eventful Halloween. The girls had a "trick or trot" fun run at their school, and each ran almost 2 1/2 miles. Needless to say, they were very exhausted, and the night had yet to begin. Madison had a halloween party to go to, so for the first time in her 6 year life, she wasn't with us trick or treating... :-( . BUT...I survived! ha ha. Once the pink kitty was off to Gracie's party, I came home to get the rest of the gang dressed and ready to go out. We were supposed to cookout in our culdesac, but it took so long to get everyone ready, we had a quick bit before we were off!! Baylee was Alice in Wonderland, Kinsey was Strawberry Shortcake ( a costume mom had made me when I was little), and Britton was a horse. After walking for a while, we ran into Madison and her party, but she didn't want to join us, she was busy socializing with her friends! After almost 2 hours of trick or treating, they decided they were tired and we headed home, just to get in the car and go to their great grandmother's house, Mamaw, to show her their costumes! OH, and I forgot to mention, Seth was the Joker from Batman....yes that scary guy Heath Ledger played. Needless to say, he scared many children and babies along the way, but not Britton! Britton knew his daddy! We headed home, watched part of Night at the Museum, and off to sleep they all fell. I was completely exhausted, but another Halloween had come and gone. How I wish I could slow down time!!!

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