Sunday, March 1, 2009

I know....I'm slacking!

Ok, so I am not good at keeping this blog up...but I promise to try harder! So, we made it through Christmas and had a blast. Then came January, and my little man turned one. Can I just say that this child's first year FLEW by! He was just born, or so it seems! I mean, seriously, if I had any more kids, I'm afraid I'd blink and they would be in college! I really did have a hard time with him turning one, because he's my last one, and I know that ahead of time now! (Actually we don't know that for sure, because if there is a chance of less than 1%, well, we know how fertile I am!) Below are some pics of him from his party. He was a real trooper, and carried the torch on from Madison of playing in his cake. I mean, he had a blast, and was such a sweetheart that he fed me bites the whole time!

So, he's 13 months now, and has such a cute little boy personality developing! The girls are constantly entertained by him, and are enjoying watching that personality come out! He loves each one for different reasons, its' so cute! Kinsey is his buddy that's home with him all day. He really has a playful personality with her. Madison is the comedian who makes him laugh a lot. She is constantly doing things to make him chuckle. Baylee is the other mommy...he feels secure with her I think. Life is good, and I am SOO blessed!

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