Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mummy turned Alice, Pink kitty, and Strawberry Shortcake

Last night Baylee had a costume birthday party to go to. She had been saying for some time she wanted to be a mummy. SO...Seth got some sheets and shredded them. He wrapped her up and I painted her face and off we went to the party. She was unrecognizable to those who didn't see her walk in with me, and she looked great! She won the scarriest Halloween costume award and is SO proud of her ribbon. However, after a night of gauze and sheets unraveling, she's decided not to be a mummy for Halloween afterall! Tonight was another costume party, so Seth took her to buy one this time. Our mummy made an amazing transformation to Alice from Alice in Wonderland! Accompanying Alice to the party was Madison the pink cat, and Strawberry Shortcake! They looked adorable and after dropping the 3 off at the party, Britton, Seth, and I went on a date to dinner! It is so weird only having a baby at a restaurant! What a fun and eventful day!

P.S. The Joker will be following these three on Halloween, as well as a miniature horse, and one undecided mommy!

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