Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Wish...

Ok, so here goes! I've been thinking of doing this for a while, and am just getting around to actually getting started. Not only does this provide a way for friends to keep up in our lives, but it actually gives Seth's parents in Africa a way to log on and see what is going on in our lives without missing the cute little stories that happen every day that I might forget to email everyone about! And yes, Seth was born in Africa. Ask him sometime, it makes for some interesting stories!
All is well in the Kalb house today. Baylee and Madison were in school, of course, and I took Kinsey and Britton to the park with Mom. It's the small things that I miss sometimes with the girls in school, but this is my last year with Kinsey, so I am trying to stop and enjoy those things. As we played at the park, she stopped to pick up big leaves. The first one was the Daddy, the second the Mommy, and the little one was Britton. I had to laugh, but it was so cute! Then she picked out more that were Nana and Poppa leaves, and then, interestingly, she picked out Great Grandpap Kalb on the farm. Now, I am not sure what made her think of him all of the sudden, but I thought it was cute. We actually got a package from that set of Great Grandparents today, and in the letter, Great Grandma Kalb wrote that Great Grandpap was selling his cattle this fall. He is 86 and can no longer take care of the cattle in the fall. This was saddening for Seth, as he put it, it's a "chapter closed." Now when we go to their farm in Ohio, and we take wagon rides pulled by the old, large tractor, it won't be to see the cows anymore! The girls will surely be disappointed!
All of that to say, it made me stop and think. Ironically enough, later this afternoon, Baylee asked me..."Mommy, if you could have any one thing, what would it be?" Now, she's been studying Solomon in the Bible, who asked for wisdom when given this same question, so I had to stop and smile and make sure I said the right thing in case she had that story in her mind...LOL. Actually, though, my only wish would be to grow old, see all my children grow up and have children of their own. Now, my how the tables have turned. If you had asked me that question 10 years ago, what a completely different answer you would have gotten! :-)
I'm off to alarm comes early!

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