Monday, October 27, 2008

His first big lip....

Yesterday Britton was crawling around in his Sunday clothes after we got home. He had on one of those cute knit sweater outfits. I was in the other room when I heard him starting to cry. I rushed in there to see that one of the threads of the sweater had gotten caught on the hardwood floor and he was stuck. Being mad that he had gotten stuck, he pushed off, and his arms buckled under him and he did a nose dive into the hard floor! He was screaming. Now, having had three very dramatic girls, I am trying to make sure and make him a little tougher than them...ha ha ha. So, I picked him up and reassured him he was fine. He screamed for a good bit, then I got him calmed down, only to find, a few minutes later he was chewing on a stuffed animal and blood was coming out. When I looked inside his mouth, his new tooth had blood around it. Then I felt really bad for trying to brush it all off! This morning when we were on the way to school, Baylee commented that Britton must be really cold because his lips were blue. I found it a bit unusual, so when I got home Seth took a good look and realized his upper lip was swolen. I guess this is the first of many he'll have, huh? It still didn't hold a candle to Baylee's lip when she was two, but that's a whole 'nother story! ;-)

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